Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday, I had to go to the laundry mat to do some laundry for Rick. The place was yucky and had no air conditioning and I was getting kinda cranky about it all. Finally I got a text from Rick saying that he just got the official word that he is allowed to go back to the West Virginia when this audit is over!! As soon as I read it, I just started to cry - right there in that nasty laundry mat! I was just so happy! This means that we can stop traveling, living out of a bag, get a house of our own, and get all my belongs in one spot! I texted 23 people about our great news, tried calling my parents and left messages - my mom called back and she thought that I was pregnant - and just kept crying. I told a random guy in Dollar General that I got to move back to WV - he was happy for me.

Lots of changes have been happening within the audit team, so we have been waiting and hoping that this would happen. But now that it is official, we can get on with our newly married lives.

We can start looking at houses and put offers in and the house that we can serve God in with our lives. We can get back into all the church activities that we have been missing out on. I can get plugged into a ministry that I feel called to. We can buy a second car - so that I can go back to work and help support our family.

All throughout the day, whenever I thought about all the upcoming changes that will be happening in our life - I would just cry. (The period must be coming on soon!) It was all happy crying and my mind just kept racing with everything that I want to do with our house, and my animals and finally using all of my wedding presents!


  1. i'm happy for you guys to finally have some normalcy in your daily routine. :)

  2. even if it means i have to leave for you to do so... ;)