Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Day 3 - Monday

We did most of the same things as the day before. Eating good food, laying out on the beach, playing in the water, taking a nap, writing post cards and maybe some reading.

Rick and I enjoying the sun

A dead jelly fish next to my foot

Kes not liking the sand agian

That night, my in-laws were cooking the side dishes for dinner. And it was requested that I make up some of my famous grape salad. I made two batches of it and it was a hit!

Cooper with his outfit that Rick and I bought him in Cozumel before he was born

After dinner a group of 17 people went putt-putting. Rick and I were on a team with April and Randy - also are condo buddies. Over-all our team had the best score. I made 3 hole-in-ones! I was so happy!

The Family

The winners!

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