Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday, I had to go to the laundry mat to do some laundry for Rick. The place was yucky and had no air conditioning and I was getting kinda cranky about it all. Finally I got a text from Rick saying that he just got the official word that he is allowed to go back to the West Virginia when this audit is over!! As soon as I read it, I just started to cry - right there in that nasty laundry mat! I was just so happy! This means that we can stop traveling, living out of a bag, get a house of our own, and get all my belongs in one spot! I texted 23 people about our great news, tried calling my parents and left messages - my mom called back and she thought that I was pregnant - and just kept crying. I told a random guy in Dollar General that I got to move back to WV - he was happy for me.

Lots of changes have been happening within the audit team, so we have been waiting and hoping that this would happen. But now that it is official, we can get on with our newly married lives.

We can start looking at houses and put offers in and the house that we can serve God in with our lives. We can get back into all the church activities that we have been missing out on. I can get plugged into a ministry that I feel called to. We can buy a second car - so that I can go back to work and help support our family.

All throughout the day, whenever I thought about all the upcoming changes that will be happening in our life - I would just cry. (The period must be coming on soon!) It was all happy crying and my mind just kept racing with everything that I want to do with our house, and my animals and finally using all of my wedding presents!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Day 9 - Sunday

We woke up early to go to church on the beach, but then Joe wasn't going and we didn't know where it was so we didn't go. We packed up the truck and the van and then took a small detour into Delaware to say bye to Joe and buy some birch beer. Micheal rode with us and I am kinda glad. he talked and kept Rick awake and he ended up driving the whole time! We stopped at the outlet mall and Micheal was able to buy some school clothes. It was a very long drive home and I kept getting a little sick. We stopped in Morgantown for dinner and went by the CSF to say hey. We finally made it home and Rebecca came over to cut Rick's hair. We had to re-pack and I finally made it to bed around midnight. I was very sad that my week at the beach was over. And all the time that I got to spend with Rick. Can't wait for next year . . . .

Talking with Joe

Rick and I with Delaware in the background

My friends for the ride home

Beach Day 8 - Saturday

Rick and I packed up our stuff and moved into anther condo for one night. Most everybody else left that day to go back home. The people who stayed was all of the Petry's, Michael and Grandma and Granddad. We spent time out on the beach, others looked at different condos for next year, I took a nap, and then that night Rick, Mikey, Cindy, Micheal and I went back to the board walk. We needed to buy some t-shirts and I wanted to take some pictures. When we got back, I played cards with the guys. It was a good last day.

Me and Cooper playing some cards

I tried my hand at fishing in the sea - I wasn't so good

Rick and Cindy on the boardwalk

Sunset on our last day at the beach

Beach Day 7 - Friday

We spent most of the day down on the beach playing cards, reading, napping or swimming.

After we ate dinner, we did birthday parties for Jared, Olivia and Matthew. After that we all went down to the beach and took family pictures. My camera didn't take that great of pictures. I am hoping to play with them some more and maybe fix them up some.

The Rodgers Family - all 25 of them

The Petry Family

All of the Rodgers grandkids

The girls of the family

That night was game night again. I wasn't feeling super great and was just getting tired of people, so I stayed in my room and played with pictures, cleaned the hammy's cage and packed all my stuff up.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beach Day 6 - Thursday

Rick and I got a late start on the day.I played with the baby for awhile cause everyone else was down on the beach and I got him all to myself. :0) Then we had to find a pharmacy to buy Rick some needles and then we ate lunch and finally made it down to the beach! We were only down there for about 45 minutes before we left again. A small group was going to go wind surfing and Rick was one of them. I didn't really have any desire to go surfing but I wanted to take pictures. We spent about 2 hours there. By the time they got out on the water - the wind had died down. :0) I think that they all had a good time though.

That evening we all - 26 - went out to eat dinner together. We went to a seafood place called Phillips. It was really good food but it had slightly cramped space. Going in and figuring out all the seating, with all the noise, yelling and tight spaces - I seriously thought I was going to have a break down. It was all alittle too much for me. Finally Rick noticed that I wasn't doing so well and talked me out of freaking out. :0)

After dinner, some of us went to the boardwalk to walk around. I took some pictures and I bought a really nice wooden picture frame that said 'Ocean City' on it.

And I finally decided to get my nose pierced. Yup, you read right. I made the big jump and got a little diamond stud put in my nose. I have been thinking about doing it for the past few weeks and told myself that I had to think about it till the beach and then I could get it done there. I figured now was the best time in my life to have it done - I don't work, so I don't have to worry about any dress codes, I don't live underneath my parents household so they couldn't tell me 'no', and I have no kids yet so I can do this now and take it out later.

Yes, it did hurt. But I was working myself up about the guy slipping and poking my eye out. Never heard of that happening before but you never know! ( In case you didn't know - I have major issues with eyes in general but especially my own eyes). I walked out of the room and my eyes were all pooled up with tears and I was sniffing, but I never officially cried over it. :0) My nose burned and went numb for a couple of hours, but now it doesn't feel that bad - just sore from where I forget that I have it and touch it too hard.

After I got my nose pierced, we meet up with a friend of Rick's that works in Ocean City as a lifeguard. Joe and his girlfriend hung out with us for awhile and we had a great time with them.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beach Day 5 - Wednesday

I slept in late and missed breakfast. After I was up and dressed for the beach, I decided that I wanted to get something to eat, so we went upstairs and the baby was awake! There wasn't anybody around so I got to play with him for over half an hour! We eventually made it out to the beach and was sitting around. We saw some dolphins swimming near shore! Rick's sugar was high, so we came back up to the room and I ended up falling asleep and staying in my room for the rest of the day. I slept for 2 1/2 hours! Then it was time for dinner - spaghetti made by Grandma and crabs bought by Beth Ann. I do not like either one of those food choices, so I had some left over rice and meat.

I had a headache from not eating much food at all during the day, and I was feeling a little over-whelmed with all the people and smells of food that I do not like. I took a little walk around the outside stairs of the building and was able to calm down. After everyone was down destroying the poor crabs, Rick and I decided that it was time for Spunkette to experience the beach. We also took a kite with us and flew it around for some time. Other people joined us down at the beach, and it was a very relaxing time. Spunkette does not like the sand or wind! and she didn't like helping with the kite either. :0)

We had kes's birthday party and dessert in our room. She got lots of books and some toys and seemed to be pretty happy with it all. April made us all homemade creme brulee and it was amazing! I had two bowls! After everyone left, Rick started playing some video games and I have been updating and blogging.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Day 4 - Tuesday

Another day on the beach. Not much to say so I will show pictures instead.

The Pyramid - where we are staying for the week.

One of the many card games that goes on all day long

Swimsuit twins - Rick and cousin Liv

Rick showing me his love. :0)

The waves

Rick going out on his board

Catching some waves

This has to be my favorite picture of my lover!

I was having fun laying around with the 'beach' setting on my camera.

This was the night that all the guys in the family goes to a baseball game and all the women go shopping. Well, I broke tradition. I like going to baseball games and I am not a big fan of the whole shopping thing. So, I was the first women - EVER in history to go to a baseball game with the guys. :0) I had a very good time and was happy to be watching me some good ole fashioned fun.

Cooper taking a snooze with Papa during dinner - fried rice, chicken and beef - prepared by April

My game ticket

Rick and I at the game

The Guys

Beach Day 3 - Monday

We did most of the same things as the day before. Eating good food, laying out on the beach, playing in the water, taking a nap, writing post cards and maybe some reading.

Rick and I enjoying the sun

A dead jelly fish next to my foot

Kes not liking the sand agian

That night, my in-laws were cooking the side dishes for dinner. And it was requested that I make up some of my famous grape salad. I made two batches of it and it was a hit!

Cooper with his outfit that Rick and I bought him in Cozumel before he was born

After dinner a group of 17 people went putt-putting. Rick and I were on a team with April and Randy - also are condo buddies. Over-all our team had the best score. I made 3 hole-in-ones! I was so happy!

The Family

The winners!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach Day 2 - Sunday

We slept in, had a yummy breakfast and then went down to the beach. We sat around for a little while - I tried to read but was too interested in people watching. Then we went out in the water for awhile. The water was just slightly chilly but it was still fun to float in top of the waves. We stayed out for a few hours and then went back inside for some lunch. After lunch, we went back out to the beach and did some more laying around, swimming and napping.

Kes doesn't really like the sand

Cooper made his fist visit to the beach. It was a big deal and he had to have a photo shoot (not my doing) with everybody before he could go back up for his nap.

Cooper with Papa, Grandma, Mommy and Daddy

Uncle Rick and Aunt Julia with Cooper

We had Mexican for dinner - cooked by Beth Ann. There was lots of people crammed into the little condo. We threw a mini party for Grandma and Granddad's 60th anniversary. We had cake and wine and made multiple toast. They both were very surprised and touched that we did that for them.

Grandma and Granddad Rodgers

Kes enjoying some cake

That night was game night. So I put a claim in on the baby watch so that I wouldn't have to play games with the family. Yes, I am sneaky that way. :0)We left all the chairs out on the beach,and we all - 26 of us went out. Cooper and I had some good quality time together just people watching and listening to the waves.

Heading out to the beach

Uncle Rick with Cooper

Me standing around with the baby

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beach Day 1 - Saturday

Friday Night
We started our adventure with leaving Aimee's wedding, picking up Michael and driving to Morgantown. We got there about 1:30 am and slept alittle while, got back in the van and drove the rest of way.
On Saturday, we drove for about 8 hours and made many stops. It was July 7 - 7/11 - free Slurpee day at 7 Eleven's. Yeah, I had one and was finished, but Rick and Micheal had 4. Plus along the way, we missed a few of the roads that we needed to turn on, so we had to come up with a new route. Talk about stressful! I had nothing to do with it, but Michael and Rick were very vocal the entire time.

Spunkette enjoying the very long car ride

She decided to help him drive some - maybe it would speed things up!

We arrived

It is much smaller than Myrtle Beach and slightly smaller than VA beach. We unloaded our stuff and then went out to eat at an Mexican place - had to wait cause we had a party of 16 and no reservations.

Crazyness. I about had a melt down at the point. To much noise, way to many people, I was hungry and my sugar was kinda low - just couldn't handle it all. Finally Rick came and sat by me and talked it all out. I finally made up my mind about what to eat and just tried to chill. I ended up with an enjoyable evening. :0)

They just gave Rick his own pitcher of Diet Pepsi

Our Room

View of the beach from the 14th floor of the Pyramid