Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Day 9 - Sunday

We woke up early to go to church on the beach, but then Joe wasn't going and we didn't know where it was so we didn't go. We packed up the truck and the van and then took a small detour into Delaware to say bye to Joe and buy some birch beer. Micheal rode with us and I am kinda glad. he talked and kept Rick awake and he ended up driving the whole time! We stopped at the outlet mall and Micheal was able to buy some school clothes. It was a very long drive home and I kept getting a little sick. We stopped in Morgantown for dinner and went by the CSF to say hey. We finally made it home and Rebecca came over to cut Rick's hair. We had to re-pack and I finally made it to bed around midnight. I was very sad that my week at the beach was over. And all the time that I got to spend with Rick. Can't wait for next year . . . .

Talking with Joe

Rick and I with Delaware in the background

My friends for the ride home

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