Wednesday, July 1, 2009

5 Months

I have been married 5 months already. It seems alot longer than that. And I don't mean that in a bad way, just that I feel like Rick and I have been married for a very long time. I love being married to Rick. I hated our long distance dating. I never got to see him as much as I wanted and when we were together, it always felt rushed. And now I get to see him every day and spend all the time I want with him!

Cindy's baby shower went well. She got lots of nice gifts and a ton of clothes!

Sunday was a very busy day for us all. I woke up real early with the worst migraine that I have had in years. I really wanted to make it to church so I took lots of drugs and drank some Mt. Dew. This was the Sunday that Cooper as being dedicated and plus I hadn't been to KWCC in over 4 weeks. By the time I made it to church, I was pretty shaky and not quite sure what all was going on. I think I over-dosed - big time.
After church lots of people came over for a cookout and ice cream sundaes. The surprise party wasn't supposed to start until 3, but our first guests showed up 10 till. The cake wasn't there, so we just told Charlie and Kerri what was happening. They seemed surprise and very happy. The cake finally showed up, we had people sign their wedding picture and some people brought gifts or cards. We had about 25 people there total. And it was way to hot outside so every one was inside.

Charlie and Kerri with the cake

Their anniversary present from Mikey, Cindy, Rick and I

Me with my nephew Cooper

Cooper with his First Bible

Last weekend was a very relaxed and slow weekend. We had nothing pre-planned! My fist free weekend in months! We ended up going to magic Island to watch 'Marlee and Me' with of bunch of people from church.

On Saturday, Rick and I worked on his room some more. It is such a small room for both mine and Rick's junk! That afternoon, Rick went golfing and I went and layed out by the pool. I got so hot that I ended up in the pool twice! That evening we went and watched my brother play some baseball. It is the first game that we made it to all season! I love watching my brother play. It is something he truly enjoys and it makes him so happy!

He plays outfield

He has really improved on his batting skills!

The score - we won!

After the game, Rebecca and Jacob came over to the house. We ate dinner and and watched some tv. Rebecca thinned out my hair for me. It feels so much better!

On Sunday we did the whole church thing. Even teaching kid's church. Then we went to Mama's for the afternoon. I took some benadryl for my allergies - which knocked me out for 2 hours! That night we went to another of Jacob's games. This was the All-Star's tournament. It started over an hour late! Rick didn't stay for the whole game cause he had to go home and finish packing and shower. But I stayed. I am so happy that I did cause Jaob hit the ball 350 feet! Only 5 feet away form having a home run! That is the best hit he has EVER had! He was pumped! They won by 5 runs.

They had another game on Monday - which they 10 run ruled the other team. Even though they qualified to make it to the State tournament, they don't have enough players to play next weekend. So sadly that was their last game of the season.

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