Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beach Day 6 - Thursday

Rick and I got a late start on the day.I played with the baby for awhile cause everyone else was down on the beach and I got him all to myself. :0) Then we had to find a pharmacy to buy Rick some needles and then we ate lunch and finally made it down to the beach! We were only down there for about 45 minutes before we left again. A small group was going to go wind surfing and Rick was one of them. I didn't really have any desire to go surfing but I wanted to take pictures. We spent about 2 hours there. By the time they got out on the water - the wind had died down. :0) I think that they all had a good time though.

That evening we all - 26 - went out to eat dinner together. We went to a seafood place called Phillips. It was really good food but it had slightly cramped space. Going in and figuring out all the seating, with all the noise, yelling and tight spaces - I seriously thought I was going to have a break down. It was all alittle too much for me. Finally Rick noticed that I wasn't doing so well and talked me out of freaking out. :0)

After dinner, some of us went to the boardwalk to walk around. I took some pictures and I bought a really nice wooden picture frame that said 'Ocean City' on it.

And I finally decided to get my nose pierced. Yup, you read right. I made the big jump and got a little diamond stud put in my nose. I have been thinking about doing it for the past few weeks and told myself that I had to think about it till the beach and then I could get it done there. I figured now was the best time in my life to have it done - I don't work, so I don't have to worry about any dress codes, I don't live underneath my parents household so they couldn't tell me 'no', and I have no kids yet so I can do this now and take it out later.

Yes, it did hurt. But I was working myself up about the guy slipping and poking my eye out. Never heard of that happening before but you never know! ( In case you didn't know - I have major issues with eyes in general but especially my own eyes). I walked out of the room and my eyes were all pooled up with tears and I was sniffing, but I never officially cried over it. :0) My nose burned and went numb for a couple of hours, but now it doesn't feel that bad - just sore from where I forget that I have it and touch it too hard.

After I got my nose pierced, we meet up with a friend of Rick's that works in Ocean City as a lifeguard. Joe and his girlfriend hung out with us for awhile and we had a great time with them.

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