Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Day 4 - Tuesday

Another day on the beach. Not much to say so I will show pictures instead.

The Pyramid - where we are staying for the week.

One of the many card games that goes on all day long

Swimsuit twins - Rick and cousin Liv

Rick showing me his love. :0)

The waves

Rick going out on his board

Catching some waves

This has to be my favorite picture of my lover!

I was having fun laying around with the 'beach' setting on my camera.

This was the night that all the guys in the family goes to a baseball game and all the women go shopping. Well, I broke tradition. I like going to baseball games and I am not a big fan of the whole shopping thing. So, I was the first women - EVER in history to go to a baseball game with the guys. :0) I had a very good time and was happy to be watching me some good ole fashioned fun.

Cooper taking a snooze with Papa during dinner - fried rice, chicken and beef - prepared by April

My game ticket

Rick and I at the game

The Guys

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