Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blizzard of '09'

On Friday December 18, my only plans for when I got off of work was to attend a wedding of my husband's co-worker and then relax at home getting ready for Christmas. But my husband had other ideas and we ended up driving to Pocahontas County in the middle of a snow storm so that my husband could had the opportunity to ski on fresh powder. I went with him so ensure that he stayed awake while driving - we didn't make it to camp until 5 am - and to have a relaxing day at camp. I watched movies, read my new Karen Kingsbury book, napped and played in the snow. Pocahontas county ended up with 24 plus inches and Charleston got a measly 8 inches.

The driveway out of camp

The wood shed

One of the corners of the porch

Another corner

The side of camp

The roof

My picture project tree - winter picture - check. :0)

My attempt at staging a really cool picture - but the snow was too deep and now it just looks dorky.

A post with snow

Picnic anyone?

That tree was loaded!

Old red barn

Snow fingers

The limb is touching the 'ground'

Hurley's car - it was even more piled up when he tried to leave

The driveway down into camp

My Tonka truck just sunk into the snow

This is the path the guys shoveled to get to the wood shed

The guys hard at work - shoveling

This is me standing in the snow - my feet aren't even touching the ground!

yes, the snow is past my knees and it is still snowing!

Our crazy adventurous group!

On one of the stops to pull Hurly out of a ditch - i jumped out and got some shots of the horses.

I think she blends in some - and the snow comes up past her knees too!

'What's Up?'

This pony was looking for a treat.

The road leading away from camp. And it is still snowing.

Dinner Theater & Daycare Christmas Party

December 11th and 13th
I was a part of a dinner theater that the church put on for the daycare Christmas party and the church Christmas dinner. It was a short play set in the Bethlehem Inn and I played the co-star part of Sarah, the Inn keepers wife. I had lots of parts and my days of high school drama came back to me very quickly!

The room set up before people filled the seats


Signing the guest log for the inn

Me in my costume

The table of the cast members

Jacob was the servant. He had more lines than I did and he delivered them so great!

The stable outside

Saying a prayer

This is Susie - my other boss

Our presents to our bosses - Susie and my mom


My presents from my bosses - a cute purse filled with goodies and an 09 snowman ornament.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you - that is a donkey in my mom's mini van.

With chickens . . .

and a even a goat in the front seat. Only my dad . . . . .

Nitro Christmas Parade

December 5th and 6th
Rick and I standing out in the FREEZING cold to watch the 'big' Nitro parade. It lasted all of 15 minutes. And Rebecca got all the candy - even though we were standing side by side.

The best picture I got of the whole parade.

I sang with the church choir this year during the Christmas season.

Just me trying to keep up with the rest of the group

The whole choir on stage

Daycare Fundraiser: Gingerbread House making party

December 5
The daycare is trying to raise money for a new bus that will become a state requirement to have. One of the parents in the daycare had this great idea of having a gingerbread house party! It was a great hit and we can't wait to do it again next year!

My mom's food table

The people going through the line

Doing some snacking while building the house

Rick looking semi happy about making a gingerbread house with me.

A house someone else made

Another house

Jacob with the house that he made

This is one side of the house Rick and I made

A house that I made for Mama and Uncle Danny - they loved it!