Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where does this leave me?

I am so confused. I thought that I had a plan and then when I was told that if I wanted to start back at Marshall in January - I would have to start over from scratch. No way, no how.

Now what?

Most logically - finish my already close to being done degree at JBC. Sounds simple enough.

If only it were simply . . . .

JBC won't let me take any classes that I need at other colleges and transfer. so, here are my options . . . .

Plan A: I have to CLEP (which I am not smart enough to CLEP Bio or History - which I need both) and beg on my knees while promising my first born child to the Distance Learning office at JBC that no, it will not take me another 2 years to finish two classes.
Problem: Um, I just don't see any of that happening.

Plan B: leaving my husband, my bunnies, my house, my work, my kids and moving back to JBC to finish up the last 4 classes (assuming I pass Systemic Theology tomorrow night) and work a job with enough hours to still make a house payment and some utilities. And if I pass those last 4 classes, then I would be able to actually, one and for all, graduate in the spring. 3 years later than originally scheduled.
Problem: Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it! I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE MY HUSBAND for 16 weeks.

Plan C: Try and CLEP 2 classes over and over again till I pass. And contact KCU to see about attending class for my last 2 bible classes. Possibly - but retarded JBC will more than likely reject the credits unless I am on campus.
Problem: The whole CLEP thing and who knows if KCO others the specif 2 classes I need.

I need to finish up this useless degree so that my husband will be proud of me. So that my family will quick saying behind my back 'she shouldv'e waited on getting married'. So that Rick's family won't look at me like a complete loser.

I don't know what to do. Expect grit me teeth and get this horrible experience over with so that I can move on with my life.

I just wish I knew how to do that . . . . .

Monday, December 13, 2010

I am ready to FLY . . . .

I have accomplished day one, baby step One: Shine your sink. And I am very proud of myself. All I wanted to do was go to bed and watch some Netflix but I pushed myself to clean my kitchen so that I could shine my kitchen sink!
I am going to get control of my house and in turn my life. One day; one baby step at a time!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Days 5-11

I had intentions of typing out day by day of the rest of our trip, but I didn't do while on my trip and of course once getting back home I have no time. :0( So I am blogging my daily Facebook status to finish off the rest of our trip. I do have pictures - over 600 of them to be exact - but have not even looked at them yet.

Day 4 (Phoenix/Vegas): Visited more with Raquel, drove through the desert to the Grand Canyon, continued driving to Las Vegas, checked our cool hotel room, ate dinner at the Treasure Island Buffet, caught some of the TI pirate show and then called it a night.

Day 5 (Vegas): did some exploring and shopping on my own and when the guys got out of 'work' we power walked up and down part of the strip. Ate dinner at the #1 buffet in Vegas- the desserts were to die for!! :0)

Day 6 (Las Vegas): slept in, cruised the strip, found Chipotle, took some pics, surfed the net at McDonalds, ate dinner at the Bellagio buffet (yuck), saw the Circus De Cirlie show 'O' (amazing!) and the walked around Caesars Palace. My body is extremely sore!

Day 7 (Las Vegas): Spent most of the day at the Hoover Dam. The evening we ate in the Eiffel Tower and hit the last few places on my to-do list. We ended the evening with some slot machines - the hotel gave each of us $20 so we spent that and 'made' $25 between the two of us!

Day 8 (Las Vegas/Salt Lake City): Packed/checked out of our amazing room in the Encore, lunch with Rick & Brett at the Pizza Place, did some tourist shopping, and then hit the road to Utah! After many, many, many hours we finally arrived at our last destination of our trip - Salt Lake city.

Day 9 (Salt Lake City): Spent some time at - the warehouse, lunch at Cheesecake Factory, shopping downtown, swimming and playing with Logan and Sarah, and ended the night with Panda Express and BONES.

Day 10 (Salt Lake City): Rick skied at Snowbird for 3 hours on fresh powder, then we drove to Park city and walk around, and ate dinner at the Blue Iguana.

Day 11 (Salt Lake City): we walked around the Temple grounds, after some confusion about canceled flights, switching airlines and flight times, we visited the REI store, went back to the airport, had CPK for lunch, said good-bye to the majestic Utah mountains, spent hours on airplanes and in airports and finally arrive...d safely back in Charleston WV. Very sad that our wonderful Western vacation is over. :0(

I had a wonderful time on our trip! And I can't wait for the next just Rick and Julia vacation!