Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach Day 2 - Sunday

We slept in, had a yummy breakfast and then went down to the beach. We sat around for a little while - I tried to read but was too interested in people watching. Then we went out in the water for awhile. The water was just slightly chilly but it was still fun to float in top of the waves. We stayed out for a few hours and then went back inside for some lunch. After lunch, we went back out to the beach and did some more laying around, swimming and napping.

Kes doesn't really like the sand

Cooper made his fist visit to the beach. It was a big deal and he had to have a photo shoot (not my doing) with everybody before he could go back up for his nap.

Cooper with Papa, Grandma, Mommy and Daddy

Uncle Rick and Aunt Julia with Cooper

We had Mexican for dinner - cooked by Beth Ann. There was lots of people crammed into the little condo. We threw a mini party for Grandma and Granddad's 60th anniversary. We had cake and wine and made multiple toast. They both were very surprised and touched that we did that for them.

Grandma and Granddad Rodgers

Kes enjoying some cake

That night was game night. So I put a claim in on the baby watch so that I wouldn't have to play games with the family. Yes, I am sneaky that way. :0)We left all the chairs out on the beach,and we all - 26 of us went out. Cooper and I had some good quality time together just people watching and listening to the waves.

Heading out to the beach

Uncle Rick with Cooper

Me standing around with the baby

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