Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Still No Baby

I am 8 days past due date and still no baby. Not even really sure I am having any contractions! Last Thursday we had a little scare with the baby - it did not pass it's first non-stress test so they sent me to the hospital for more testing. I had another NST and baby passed with flying colors. Evidently it was just sleeping. I go back for my second (technically 3rd) NST and this time I am going straight to the hospital cause that other office Dr. really freaked me out. Before the whole scare we had an ultrasound to check all the fluids and such. We were able to see the baby's face and its big fat chubby cheeks. :0) It was moving around like crazy so she wasn't able to get a super great picture but she did get a decent one that we have showed to the family. So far everyone thinks it looks like a boy - especially like Rick. I can't really tell - it just looks like an adorable little baby that I can't wait to hold in my arms!! I am not working anymore. It was getting too hard on my body to work - even just part time hours. I did go into the office today for a couple of hours and I am still doing the daycare laundry. After I came home from the office, I took a 2 hour nap! :0)