Tuesday, August 25, 2009

West Virginia State Fair

I love fairs! And when I found out that we pass Lewisburg on the way home on Fridays, I just knew that we had to stop! Rick and I got there about 3 pm and walked around exploring the place. Then around 6ish, Rebecca and Mikey made it up there. I had so much fun showing Rick all the 4-H stuff and of course all the animals! We ate some yummy fair food - including the BEST cinnamon roll in the WORLD!!!! (I am not sure why I didn't take a pic of it) We all had a great time and made it back to Charleston around 11pm.

Welcome to the West Virginia State fair!

This is the WV State symbol

Rick trying out some new rides

This elephant ate the whole loaf of bread in one bite!

The elephant's huge feet!

The big elephant

Rick playing in the big army tank

A goat eating a chair

It's a llama!

Me milking a cow - yup, I still got it! :0)

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