Thursday, August 13, 2009

Updates from Today on Grandma

These are written by my mother-in-law -

My mom is stable-- I will know more after my sister and dad get there to see her at 10:30. She had a good day yesterday according to her nurse in neuro ICU, but she still has not been awake.

My mom was thrashing around during the night a lot, and they could not get the heart readings they needed. They called my sister Beth (that's whose number they had) for permission to put heart cath in. She talked to her husband, and he said that was pretty standard procedure so she approved it. Mom is heavily sedated right now, and they have her on a medicine that gave her drug-induced paralysis, but the nurse says that all of the medicine should wear off by 5:00 and should be moving around a lot be then. Right now she is not breathing on her own because of the drugs they gave her.

They have downgraded my mom's chances to 20% because she has some fluid in her lungs and had to have the heart cath put in to monitor her blood pressure. They said they would be tell more after the medication they gave her to do the heart cath wore off.

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