Saturday, August 22, 2009

Personal Update

I am sitting in the hospital ICU waiting room. I had so many things that I was planning on blogging about, but at the moment all that I can think of is Grandma.

I just went in and saw Grandma and my heart just wants to break. She looks bad. Her body is bloated and leaking fluids cause her heart is going into congestive heart failure and is only pumping 30%. And because her heart is only functioning part way, she has pneumonia. She is breathing on her own, but the trach is also breathing for her and it moves her whole body. Since they put the trach in, they removed all the tubes that were in her mouth - her mouth and teeth are all bloody and dry and her sore just keep re-opening.

We stood around her bed and talked to her, telling her was here, what our plans were for tonight and that we were going to see Casey and the Sunshine band perform after the baseball game, told her that she wasn't looking so great and that she needed to wake up. We didn't stay in there super long - other family members are here and they want to see her.

Granddad is having a really hard time. He is exhausted emotionally and physically. We are all trying to keep him calm and take care of him, but there is only so much a person can do for another person grieving and hurt.

I am here with Rick's family and have no idea what to say or do to help. I just pray. Right now, we need God to heal and we need peace and strength to keep going.

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