Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma Update

Written by my mom-in-law -

Mom was not running a temperature when we were in there. It has been normal or only slightly high so they are checking it under the arm every 15 minutes. They have taken the machine for the cooling pad out of her room.

She is off a lot of the fluids and medications, and the nurse said that this should help with the swelling because she is not getting as many fluids. She is getting the 3 antibiotics, the hepron and pain medication and the food. They took off something they were given her to make her bowels softer and hopefully they will be able to get that tube out in a couple days.

The nurse said that the neuro team was in and said everything still looked the same. The pulmonary doctor has been in--her heart rate is a little high because her breathing is labored so he made some adjustments to the ventilator. Her oxygen level is at 80% now.

I asked the nurse about her most recent blood results, and she said everything was about the same.

The nurse has the TV on VH-1 in her room so there is some noise in her room. Dad asked if it was for her or for Mom. She said she put it so there would be some noise in the room for Mom, and she thought VH-1 would be better than a television show.

Dad is doing better today--partly because her report is a little better and mainly because he took his medicine.

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