Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mom's Visit

Since my time in Richmond is coming to an end, my mom decided that she needed to make time and come visit the city that I have called home for the past 6 months. So she finally made it last week! She drove down late on a Monday and we stayed up till 1am talking.

Tuesday we woke up and my mom watched some real tv (she has no tv at her house) and then we headed to the beach! I drove and we just talked about tons of stuff. Once we got there, we sat on the beach for a little over an hour and then got some lunch and walked into a few stores. I bought a super cool t-shirt (I have a picture but can't find it!). On the way back to Richmond we decided to swing through Williamsburg and Jamestown. We made it back to the city in time to eat dinner with Rick, Aimee and Brett. We choose to take my mom to the Cheesecake Factory. I think she really liked it! They have very good and rich food and my mom - who has been dieting hardcore - ate to much and was sick the rest of the night.

Wednesday we slept in some and then went and got pedicures. My feet was in need of one badly and it felt so good! After that we did some shopping and I showed her around to a few of my favorite spots. We ate Cheesecake Factory left-overs for lunch and took a quick nap. Then it was time for her to leave. :0( I don't always get along with my mom and most of the time recently she gets on my nerves big time - but I truly enjoyed our time together and was sad when she left.

Virginia Beach

My mom sitting on the beach - talking with the Daycare.

Me with the Virginia Beach behind me

My feet in the sand

Driving around the Jamestown island

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory

My cheesecake - snicker bar

My mom's - banana pudding cheesecake

I have a picture of my pedicure but my flash drive is messing up and I am not able to find it anywhere. :0(

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  1. Your cheesecake just made me so hungry for piece haha