Monday, June 1, 2009

Wisconsin Day Two

On Sunday we went to church in time for Sunday school. Rebecca and I decided to skip SS and took a walk. It was a good bonding time for the two of us. Then we went to service and saw a ton of people! People did not even recognize who Rebecca was! It was hilarious! It was very nice to catch up with old friends, see how big kids have grown up and tell them all about our lives. Jacob went home with firends and spent teh whole day with them.
After church, Rebecca, my parents, and I went to Culvers for lunch. Butterburgers, cheese curds, and brownie custard - YUMMYness. We went to the Wehlers house and saw Lori, went to the farm and saw everyone and walked around. They were cutting hay so they were really busy. After the funk farm, we drove over to the Woodman's dairy farm. We left there and went to the Woodworths and stayed for awhile. We lft there and ate dinner at Taco John's and swung by Emily's house. Finally we can back to the Roth house and did some more visiting. It was a very good day but very long.

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