Saturday, June 20, 2009

As Promised

Here is the blog that I really wanted to do yesterday. And by the way - the towel hunters never came!

Two weeks ago - on a Monday after Rick got off of work, we drove to the Virginia Beach. We stopped at an outlet mall on the way and spent way more time there than what we planned. We made it to the beach as the sun was setting. We just parked the car and started walking along the boardwalk. Finally I convencied Rick to walk on the sand for a while. The water was a little nippy, but it didn't stop me from walking it it. :0)

The Boardwalk

The sky is so cool in this picture

The Ferris Wheel



Rick and I got to spend the next weekend in Richmond. It felt super nice no to pack up the car and travel, do crazy stuff all weekend and pack back up and travel back to Richmond. We just relaxed, called about 75 different apartment buildings, finally found one - just one - went and talked with them, and then walked around in Carytown for the evening. We found a really neat little shop that we both fell in love with.
it is called 'Ten Thousand Villages'. We already have a few items that we want to buy for our future house. That night for dinner we ate a place called Havena 59. They had amazing food - rice and beans and fried plantain! And plus it was just a cool atmosphere to be in. On Sunday we went to Charlottesville for church at April and Randy's church. We ate lunch with them and then went back to their house and took naps and then just hung out. April cooked us dinner - real home cooked food! and then after Kes was put down for bed, we all played Mario Kart on the Wii. It was such a relaxing day, we both really enjoyed out time with April and Randy. And can you believe it - I didn't take one single picture!

During the week, I went up to Quantico to help Elizabeth pack up. It is starting to hit me that she is really leaving. I just keep thinking that Donna will be 4 years old before I get to see her again! Rick and I just had a good week being a normal married couple. I love just spending time with Rick - even if it is shopping at Marshall's. :0) I will have to write about our big find this past week later.

I will this lengthy post with some pictures of Spunkette and Cooper

I love this smile that Rick has

Whatta a cutie!

She likes popcorn. :0)

Here is the first picture I have taken of my nephew Cooper


  1. Donna will be 4 and I will be 26!!! And I am sure there will be at least one more Dearborn running around. :) Holy cow...

    I LOVE the pictures! :)