Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wisconsin Day Eight

We got up early and went to the Funk farm for the Dairy Breakfast. I was supposed to work, but they ended up having enough help, so I walked around and took pictures. :0) It was a little chilly that morning and the wind was blowing. We brought the little girls with us and they loved seeing all the animals! Pam Johnson came up for it so that she could visit with us some more. We also saw a few more people that we all knew. We ate breakfast –pancakes, ham, cheese sticks, yogurt and all the milk you can drink. Plus ice cream sundaes. They had a huge corn pit for the kids to play in, a petting zoo, live music, craft booths, milking contest and lots of people. We heard there was a little over 4,000 people that came out that day.

We left the breakfast and went back to the Roth house to pack up and head on out. We drove past Indianapolis and spent the night. We got a huge room and Sarah and Joe stayed with us. They went swimming and then we all ate at Steak and Shake. I was really grouchy and fed up with people in general but also a little worn out from my family. It was not an enjoyable evening for me

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