Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wisconsin Day Six

Rebecca, Jacob, Denise and I went to the Asia buffet for lunch. It still tastes as yummy as before! When we got back to the house, we laid out in the yard for a couple of hours to get some sun. We tried getting into the pool but it was still to cold.

We ate dinner with Ken, Denise, Sarah and Sophia – our gracious host for the week. I had bought pizza’s from Papa Murphy’s for dinner and bake them. I burnt the pepperoni pizza, but with the other pizza and the wonderful salad that Denise made, we all had plenty. For dessert we ate ice cream and made smores.

Later into the evening, Rebecca, Jacob and I went over to the hotel that my mom and Sally were spending the night at. We got in the really HOT hot tub and swam around in the pool. I got burnt from laying out, so the cool water felt good on my skin.

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