Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wisconsin Day One

I am really tired right now and don't really feel like writing an update but decide that I didn't want to get behind.

The car ride was not horrible but definitely not pleasant. I left the hotel room in Richmond VA at 10 am and finally ended my trip in Beloit WI at 5 pm today. Very long. My back muscles tightened up, my hip and shoulder were killing me and my dad needs duck tape put over his mouth.

Rebecca passing the time

So far we have been to the old farm. It looks so old and run down. We got out and walked around a little - took a few pics.

Our Old House

Then we headed to church at Central - our first church we attended while we lived here. I got a tour of there new and AMAZING kid's building.

KidzsWorks and the new Worship Center

We saw people at church that I wanted to visit and then we came to Ken and Denise's house - it's where we are staying this whole week. Sarah and Sophie are so big! They look like little girls and not babies and toddlers!

I will try and add pics in the next few days. I need to be going to bed now. I am sharing with Rebecca. She hogs the blankets. :0( I am trying not to miss Rick to much. I am ok with being away from him - I don't have to be with him 24/7. It's just that when my family bothers me or I get stressed or tired - I want Rick to just hold me and talk to me and make life better. Oh well, just another 7 days.

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