Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wisconsin Day Nine

We got up early, ate breakfast, packed the van up and drove a couple more hours to Louisville KY for church. We attend Southeast Christian Church. We have been there a handful of times and I always enjoy there services. We pated ways with Sarah and Joe – it was there one year anniversary and they planned on hanging around Louisville for the day. We ate lunch at a buffet and then hit the road for the final stretch home. I was still not a happy person to be around. We made it to WV by 6pm and boy was I glad to be out of the van!

It was good trip. I saw lots of people that week, go to show off my wedding pictures, did some shopping, spent time with my family, and threw my allergies for a loop. But it was hard at the same time. I really feel like this was a good bye trip for me. I am not sad anymore that we don’t live up there. I have a new life in WV and I am starting to finally make friends. It was also a hard week for me because I had to spend all that time with my family. I love all of them but sometimes it is hard for me to like them. We all are different people and we all know how to get on each others last nerve. :0) I did miss Rick that week, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. I think I missed my solitaire quiet life that Rick and I have during the week in Richmond. :0)

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