Monday, December 14, 2009

Waiting . . . .

We did it! We put a real offer in on a house! Rick signed lots of papers,found out there is alot of 'extra' cost that we have to cover before we even pay for the actual house, and now we are just waiting.
We gave the guy until 5 pm on Wednesday to counter act or accept. But we could get a call anywhere from tonight - till then.
I wasn't to nervous about this big step in our lives - until the waiting began. Now I am on pins and needles waiting to find out what will happen next - will he accept right off or will he want more? Ahhhhhhhh! The questions that are running through my head!

Today's news: a 2 year girl at the daycare was diagnosed with diabetes over the weekend. The daycare - aka my mom and Susie - are trying to figure out if we can legally accept her back to the daycare. We want her, don't get us wrong. But giving an insulin shot everyday is a big deal and there are state laws concerning things of that matter.

I worked in the nursery this morning. Have a new 'favorite' baby. Her name is Madison and she is 3 months old. Her mommy is the sister of Rick's ex-girlfriend or Jade's cousin. Did you follow all that? Rick doesn't understand why my 2 favorite girls in the whole daycare have to be related to his ex. He is not mad, just thinks it is funny. :0)

I am trying to get my Christmas cards ready to mail out. Rick wanted nothing to do with them and the only reason I got to buy them in the first place is cause I had a free coupon and just had to pay shipping. I get down to my last 10 and he tells me people that wants to send cards to - which is more than 10. Grrrrrr, men. We worked it all out and now I have to search for more address and won't get them all mailed out tomorrow like I had planned.

Only 5 more presents to buy and then I am ready to Christmas to get here and be over with!


  1. Good luck on your house bid! It's a big step and the bidding part is only the beginning. The bank financing was my worst nightmare but totally worth it!

    LOL on the Christmas card fiasco, typical man thing :)

  2. Hey I wasnt totally against the Christmas card thing, just wasnt expceting us to do one. Just needed to defend myself. :o)