Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Time of Year

Wow! This weekend went by super fast! But that is ok cause I only have one more choir song, one wedding, 5 presents to buy and then I am ready for Christmas!

Friday night was the daycare Christmas party. It was a dinner theater and I helped my mom cook all the food, decorate and then was in the theater. It went great and then afterward we played to games, exchanged gifts and got our Christmas purse and bonus from our bosses. I lost my Christmas bonus - but that is a whole other story for some other time.

Saturday morning was very relaxing and just what I needed. I slept in, watched movies and played with pictures. I miss the days when I got to do that every day! :0) That evening was Rick's work party with his audit team. Fun times, I guess. Food was good, dirty Santa was funny and the wii bowling was great. Sometimes I find parties like that socially awkward and am so glad when my duty of appearance is over and we can move on to other things. After the party, we went out to the Ronk farm. We were hoping to get there in time to visit and play with my 2 second cousins from Ohio but they were a sleep when we got there. So we just hung out with my family. It was nice to visit with my parents outside of work and church setting. Plus I got to see my Christmas bear and the Christmas tree!

Sunday was busy with teaching Sunday school to my one faithful student, choir practice, congregational meeting, performing with the choir, lunch with my family and cousins, home communion with Rick, a nap in the car, and then the church Christmas party - the dinner theater for the last performance - cleaning up the church, Rick got his hair cut, drove my vehicle back to the house for the first time all weekend, showered, blogging and Rick showing me his box of Christmas ornaments. Surprisingly I didn't stress or broke down at all today. I did cry over some stupid stuff, but I think that has to do with the time of month that is coming.

I have pictures from the last two weekends that I am wanting to post but I just don't have the energy tonight. 6 am is not that far away and I would like to feel rested as I start off my work week.

Keep us in your prayers tomorrow night - we are meeting with our Realtor to write up an official bid on the house!!!!! I am really trying not to get my hopes up to much, but at the same time I am daydreaming about what pictures to hang on the walls in our office. :0)

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