Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last weekend Rick and I went our separate ways. Rick went on the men’s retreat from church. About 12 guys came and they all hung out at the Petry camp. Meanwhile, I went to Ohio with my mother-in-law to a cousin’s graduation party. We got there Friday night and just hung out. Saturday we helped with the rest of the cleaning and setting up. I was assigned the photographer of the day. I took a ton of pictures of the dessert table and people. On Sunday after church, I hung out with my mom and sister. We went to a new Jamaican restaurant and then watched a movie. That night I went bowling with the teen group. Rick came bowling and I was SO happy to see him and hug him! I did really well over the weekend. I didn’t want o be all moppy because he was gone. But I did miss him. And I will say that I now sleep better with him in the same bed as me. Just knowing that he is there makes me feel safe and I can sleep. Those two nights without him weren’t very restful.

I found the Henrico Public Library yesterday. Here you have to pay to get a card. I went ahead a got a temporary membership and checked out some magazines, DVDs and a book. Now I have somewhere to go and hang out on Mondays and don’t have to walk around Wal-mart to kill time!

I have so many pictures to work on right now. And I have no motivation to do it. I didn’t end up losing all of my pictures of m y flash drive! That was an answered prayer! I had most of them uploaded to snapfish, so those weren’t lost to me forever, but I had many folders not uploaded. Today that was a project of mine was to make sure all my pictures are backed up in case I ever really did accidently erase my flash drive.

In other news, I have finally decided to go to Wisconsin with my family. I am hoping that I won’t regret that decision. I want to see my old friends and I can’t wait to get back on the farm with the cows. I am just wondering how it will be traveling with my family and hanging out with them all week long. I think that it will help with Sarah and Joe driving spate. We can divide up and not all crammed in the van.

I have also finally decided to do something about my big fat body. I have to have the right mind set in order to follow through it. I am reading this great book called “Tales from the Scales” and it is just full of stories of women who came to a point that they realized they needed to do something about their weight and health and how they did that and the feelings that they went through.

School wise – I finished up my Acts lessons. Now I only have a paper and test due in that class. I am getting ready to start another class. I really need to be working on at least two classes at a time, but it so hard just to do one.

Spunkette update: she is doing great. Eating lots and gaining weight. That’s not good for her little body! I found out this past weekend that she LOVES cantaloupe! She also likes cheese and peanuts but by far cantaloupe is her favorite!

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