Thursday, May 7, 2009


I haven't been feeling well this past week. I think it must be PMS stuff just dragged out and seems like it will never end. I got two Acts lessons completed and sent in this week. But I still feel like I haven't done much. I haven't gone on my daily walks this week because it has been raining almost non-stop. I think those help me alot. Just getting outside and breathing some fresh air.
Rick and I have been trying to get more on a schedule in the evenings. We have started getting addicted to tv. Almost every night during the week, we have shows that we like to watch and we were making sure we were always back from dinner in time. Before we got married, we both agreed that we wouldn't have a tv in our household at least for the first year of marriage. And here we are watching it every day just because it is there and available.
We have worked out every night this week. Even though I have def not felt like it. :0) I am really wanting to lose this 'marriage wight'. Since I left JBC in December, I have gained 20 pounds. I hate it. It makes me feel yucky. I have no energy, my clothes don't fit, and I don't feel very pretty. I think that this is also part of the reason that I have been feeling depressed. I worked so hard to lose all that weight during the last two years and in 4 months it is all almost back. Because I have no self-control when it comes to food. It was so easy at JBC. I knew what the cafeteria served and didn't eat as much cause it wasn't that tasty. Now I am eating sweets all the time and getting fires with my meals. I tried WW online and have quit. It wasn't as much accountability to me as it is going to a meeting and talking with real people. I need to get back into the right mind set and make myself follow the plan and then maybe I will start feeling better. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
Spunkette is doing great. We both love playing with her so much. She has been getting out of her ball - the lid pops off when she hits up against something to hard. So, we now have to make sure we now where she is at all times. She got out of her cage again last weekend. She popped the same plug off as last time. This time though, Ally dog could have gotten her and eaten her as a snack! Rick fixed it though, so hopefully it won't happen again.

Yup, 6 pieces of purple duct tape.

We also put the wheel back into the cage. It helps keep her occupied during the night so that she is not chewing on the wire cage all night long. This was taken right after I gave her a 'bath'.

She is just so cute!

She likes running through the paper towel tube

She is growing up on us

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