Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adventures of Spunkette

Sunday night Rick and I went out to my parents house to visit with them and my grandparents (whom I haven't seen since my sisters wedding in June) I took Spunkette out there with us so that I could clean her cage and show her off. When Rick and I got back to our house, I just left SPunkette out in the care so that it would be one less thing to carry out in the morning.This week both Rick and I wanted to leave the house on time, so that Rick wouldn't be late for work. We were doing really well on packing up and getting ready to leave, when I went to check on Spunkette and noticed that she was not in her cage!! We started searching in the car, in the trunk, under the hood, up under the dash - EVERYWHERE!!! And she was no where to be found. We let Ally come out to see if she could sniff Spunkette out, we started looking around in the yard. Nowhere. Finally I told Rick we had to quit looking and pack up - I would be fine. We packed the car (I left her cage and food at the house)and we headed out. I was really trying to hold it together and Rick tells me he is really sorry and pulls me over to his side and puts his arm around me. I lost it and started to cry about losing my friend. She was just now getting to9 be fun - I could hold her and play with her. And she was gone. She could be dead or just free and then will die cause she is not a wild animal. But she succeed in her life goal of escaping her cage. Then something fell onto my feet and I screamed! It was my long lost Hammy!!!! I scared her half to death and she ran back up into the dash board. Rick pulls over as soon as he can, and we grab the flashlights and start searching. Rick is trying to figure out out to take the dash off and I am worried that she ran up into the vent! But then Rick sees her on his side and pushes her over to my side and coaxed her out and then grabbed her!!! I was so happy! I was shaking (not sure if it was from the scare of her dropping onto my feet or just from being to happy!)I am holding her in my shirt and Rick has to call his parents and ask them to bring the cage and food to us. rick and I were so happy that we found her and that she seemed to be ok. For the rest of the day, she didn't really act like herself. I think that she was just really tired and it got hot in the car. We ended up being about 45 minutes late. But it was ok, cause my Spunkette was safe and back in my care!

I took her outside a couple of days ago and let her play in the grass.:0) She seemed to really like. I was afraid that she would eat to much grass, so I didn't leave her out there to long.

Giving Kisses

Trying to dig her way out

Hasn't she gotten bigger?


  1. lol. i still think this is hilarious.

    glad you got her back!

  2. wow julia. this is truly amazing. and hilarious. thanks for letting me read! :)