Saturday, April 18, 2009


Rick and I had a great time in D.C. We parked the car and walked the whole city! We saw lots of cool, old looking buildings, lots of cherry trees and even had dinner with Rick's aunt and uncle who live in CA. I took a total of 180 pictures that day.

I love flowers

The Washington Memorial

The White House

The Lincoln Memorial

Cherry Blossoms

Rick and I with Lincoln

We stayed in Ashland VA that night and slept in really late and then packed up and headed to the VCU Medical Hospital in Richmond. I had my ct scan and then left town.
Tuesday was my appointment to go over my results of the scan. Good news is: I don't need surgery. Bad news is: I have really bad allergies and have to take meds for a very long time. Possible even having to take shots later down the road.
Rick has been working out of Charleston this week and next. I decided not to work at the daycare. Mainly for 2 reasons. 1) I have no car to get to work and 2) I need to do school work and if I work I won't get much done. We have been staying at Rick's house. His dad has been on 'vacation' this week, so Charlie and I have been hanging out all day.
Charlie and Kerri left for a couple of days. So Rick and I have the whole house to ourselves - not even the dogs are here! I cleaned the house really well yesterday. I mopped and did laundry and picked up. My parents and sister were coming over for dinner, so I cooked dinner - a WW friendly dinner I might add. I made a homemade Key Lime pie for dessert that turned out really tart. After we ate, we played Scrabble. It was a really fun and relaxing evening with my family. Which doesn't happen often. I have really enjoyed 'playing house'. It is much more different from living in a hotel suite all week. I can't wait until Rick and I own our own house and can use all of our wedding gifts and have people over.

Our first Easter as Mr. & Mrs.

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