Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Big News

I am now a real Aunt!! Cooper Lukas Taylor was born in the country of Slovakia on April 8, 2009 at 10:45 am weighing at 8.5 pounds and 20 inches long to the proud parents of Mikey and Cindy Taylor. I will get to see him in June, but will hopefully get lots of pictures before then.
Taylor Family

Team Impact was pretty cool last weekend. We had lots of church people help out and we had about 90 people come forward. Rick and I hung out with the guys and the wife and daughters that came.

Big Rich

Chip, one of the Team Impact guys loved Spunkette. He got her out and was playing with her. She looked so tiny in his big hands!! I think it helped with her becoming tamer. Cause since then she has been less skitterish and easier to hold and play with.

My Little Piggy

My mom broke her little finger about 2 weeks ago. The bone didn’t break the skin but it was splintered and sticking out of its normal place. She had surgery on it this morning. The doctor put a screw in her finger that is the size of the head on an ink pen. She has to be REALLY careful for the next 6 weeks and not use her hand at all. Just the slightest movement will make the pin pop out and they probably can’t put it back in. The total recovery time is at least 3 months of not using her hand very much.

I have my CT scan on Friday at the VCU Medical hospital. I think this is about the only time that I will ever pray ‘Lord, PLEASE let them find lots of junk in there so that I can have surgery.” :0)

This has been a really short week in Richmond. Rick has Good Friday off, so we decide to have a little bit of fun/alone time before we head back to Charleston. Going to DC to check out the cherry blossoms. Pictures will be coming.

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