Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Positive or negetive?

Meet little David and his big sister Olguine. We meet them our second week in Haiti. They lost both of their parents in the earthquake and Joanne(a lady with our group) found a family in the USA who wants to adopt them. They stayed with us at our 'camp' the whole time Sarah and I were there. We all fell in love with little David and loved on him, played with him and help take of him. Both kids had a terrible cough that they couldn't seem to lose. Joanne gave them medicine and nothing seemed to help. She has finally found the problem. Here is the e-mail that Sarah, my dad and I received on Saturday:
"I just found out that David and Olguine both have TB. David's is in the tissue and Olguine's is in the lungs. I was tested too and am negative. Everyone should be tested who was around the kids when they were coughing. Sorry about the news, it is not likely that you caught it if I did not, but you should be checked out."

I am SO thankful they have finally found out what was wrong and they can now be treated! But now All of white people who played with them, ate with them, slept with them has to be tested for TB. We all went yesterday to get our little needle prick and we are now just waiting to see what to results will be on Thursday.

We found out that if you test to early after being exposed that you can test positive without really having TB. If we do test positive then we have to go and get chest ex-rays to see what those reveal.

None of us are really worried that we have it. If we do, then we do. It will just suck to have to take meds for a year, but oh well. I am only worried that if I do have it what it will mean for the daycare. I won't be able to work there or come anywhere near the daycare. And all the kids and parents will have to be told that they were exposed and go get tested. A mess that I am praying the daycare doesn't have to go through.

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  1. wow! we're praying..... sorry to hear that.