Sunday, May 16, 2010

Small and Quick

I struggle with depression. But I am not giving in. God is on my side.

After a close call of a red raised bump - the Dr. decided my tb was a negative. The bump was not big enough and only caused by the nurse who stuck me 4 TIMES!

Two weekends ago I went to TN for JBC's graduation and some quality friend time. Rick had to go to a CSF board meeting so he stayed in WV.

Monday night was the ladies banquet at Oak Grove. My mother was the main speaker and she did a super great job! I was in a small skit and did pretty good if I do say so myself! :0)

This past weekend was the annual KWCC Men's retreat. Rick, my brother, brother-in-law and father-in-law went up to camp. Even though I was a little jealous of Rick for getting to go to camp, I did have an enjoyable time. I spent time out on the Ronk farm just watching tv and vising with my parents and sister. Saturday I did some laundry at my house in Belle and then spent the afternoon painting at my house in Nitro. That evening Rebecca and I ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and meet up with my sister-in-law to see Letters to Juliet. Cute but predictable! Rebecca spent the night at my house in Belle. We did the church thing and them ate Chinese for lunch - an all time favorite place to eat! We then rode to Huntington with Cindy and did some shopping and got Starbucks! The evening ended with the guys getting home and eating a homemade birthday meal for my father-in-laws 61st birthday.

My nephew is walking now! He looks so funny cause he is still short but it is SO cute!

Move in day in getting closer and closer! And it looks like I might- just might - have all my painting done in time! YEAH!

KWCC Men's softball league starts their season off tomorrow night with a double header. In celebration, I went and bought 2 of my very own lawn chairs! No more using my parents or my in-laws chairs! :0) I love softball season.

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