Monday, October 5, 2009

Another fly-by weekend

This is how my weekend went: FAST!

Friday night, I took Rebecca to meet up with Ronnie and Linda cause they were leaving for the beach for 8 days. Later on Rick and I went bowling with Jacob. Jacob had invited about 8 people form his school to come and they all said that they would be there but not one of the showed. I just wanted to cry for my brother. He tires so hard to have friends and the life that my parents have created for him makes it so hard! So, just the 3 of us bowled and had a good time.

Saturday was a long day. No sleeping in cause we had to take the dogs to Mama's before we could head on down to TN. We drove to Morristown TN to buy some grey leather seats that Rick just had to have for his car. :0) They look really nice and once he gets the heating hooked up to the seats I will be truly in love with them. On the way down, I got me weekend dose of Starbucks - Pumpkin Spice frapp is the only way to go these days!(Side note: I have had a Pumpkin Spice frapp every weekend since August 29. I am not sure if I look forward to the weekends cause of my husband or cause I know I can get a frapp! lol) After picking up the seats we headed back up 81 and made it to the church an hour before the wedding started.

My aunt Debbie went through a very rough divorce (against her wishes) a couple of years back and earlier this year she started to date this great guy that she worked with at the hospital. His name is Paul David (yup, the exact same as my dad) and he has 2 younger sons. They got married yesterday in Elizabethton TN and I was asked to take pictures.

It was such a low key wedding and yet very pretty. After the short ceremony, we all went to eat some yummy homemade lasagna that my aunt Lisa made, along with salad, bread sticks and Papa Johns pizza. :0) There was wedding cake, punch (that I drank a half a cup of before it was pointed out to me that there was 7-up in it. Oh well, 2 accidents in the whole no carbonation in almost 2 months is pretty good I think.) My mom also had her now famous chocolate fountain with lots of options to dip in the chocolate.

After we all got done eating, the picture madness began. I was taking pictures for Debbie and Paul but I was also working on a picture project that my Grandma Overdorf is requesting for Christmas. I have looked through what I took and I think that I ended up with a few good ones. I will be posting some of them soon.

On our drive home, my dad and Jacob rode with us. They sat in the back seat and fought like little boys almost the whole way!

Sunday was the usually church stuff. I was teaching the Wee Worship first hour and Rick taught the teen group first hour. As we were walking into the auditorium, my dad was up front asking people to be in prayer for the Harris family for their loss of Gwen. Talk about a shock!

Gwen was a 74 yr old lady who worked here at the daycare with the toddler class. A week ago she called off sick cause she was having some stomach problems, She ended up in ICU for about 4 days and the Doctors found out what was wrong and actually sent her home on Friday. On Saturday she had a really good day of just laying around the house and spending time with her kids and grand kids. But on Saturday she woke up with some stomach cramps. They got worse and her daughter called 911 and told her, 'It will be ok Mom, I will see you at the hospital.' Gwen died before they made it to the hospital with a blood clot.

My dad says that he tried to find me before service started to tell me so that it wouldn't be such a shock. But he didn't try very hard cause he never even tried to call my phone. Whatever. It hit me and a couple of other people at church pretty hard. We don't know when the funeral is but we are all hoping that the family will decide to have it in the evening so that daycare workers will be able to go.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Jacob hanging with us and doing a few different little things. Including taking a 2 hour nap for me. :0) Rick spent the afternoon putting in his new seats into the car. That night we went back to church. rick was in charge of youth group. We all went to McDonalds and then came back and talked about some future plans for the class. After church, rick worked on getting some clothes and stuff for Jacob (Jacob and my dad are leaving this Wednesday to go to Colorado for 10 days) and I packed and cleaned the hamster cage. Then it was time to go to bed and start our week all over again - apart.

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