Monday, October 19, 2009


October 10, 2009

We laid around the house just relaxing and then we headed to AT&T to get new phone and finally be on the same plan! Our plan we got there was that I was going to get an iPhone and Rick was getting some other phone. I was willing to give up some of my fun money every month to pay for the extra 30$ data plan that iPhones require. Once we got to the store, rick couldn’t find a phone that he liked, so low and behold – we both got iPhones! Rick bought an 8gig refurbished black phone and I bought a 16gig 3gS white phone.

What my phone looks like

Rick's phone

What ours looks like side by side

We bought the phones and then went to a volleyball game of one of the girls from youth group. I wanted to play with my new phone but was also trying to act interested in the game. :0) After the game, we hurried and changed clothes and picked up my mom and headed to a wedding. (I was still playing with my phone and was also looking up collage football scores for my husband who got stuck driving and couldn’t play with his phone. :0) One of my co-workers at the daycare was getting married. It was a beautiful wedding – decorated with browns and yellows and oranges. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the reception and eating lots of yummy food. Rebecca got back from the beach that night so we were able to visit with her some.

This was an over all great day spent with my husband and was already very happy with my new phone.

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