Friday, October 9, 2009

Updates about Grandma

Written by my mother-in-law -

Dad had a good report from the team of doctors today. They are pleased with her progress--they put her recovery right now at over a 3 out of a scale of 8 (I think that's the top number Dad told me). The speech therapist got her to say "Hi" today, and Dad said that she very clearly said "No" to him several times when he was going to put her mitt back on because she would not leave her head alone. Unfortunately, the doctors said that she was probably get angry with everyone when she gets to the next stage, but my dad seems to be all right with that because he is seeing progress.

She goes back to Allegheny General in Pittsburgh on the 21st to have the piece of bone they took out during the original surgery put back in, and she will be there a couple days. They have moved her to a different room on the floor she was on because she needs less care, but they would like to move her to a different floor at Trinity West if a room becomes available. The good thing about her being in the specialized hospital is that they told my dad today that Cindy can bring Cooper up to see her when we go up this week-end (right now she is actually in a specialized hospital that rents space from Trinity West).

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