Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alone Time in the Mountians

Rick and I had a great weekend up at camp. We go there Friday evening and just hung around and I cooked dinner for my husband for the first time! I cooked pork chops in the skillet, green beans and canned yams. It wasn’t a lot but it still made me very nervous!
Saturday we got up, I cooked breakfast (still nervous) and we got ready to head up to the slopes. We made it up there, got our lift tickets, rented my board and Rick realized that he left his snowboard boots back at camp. We went back and got them and were on the slopes by 12:30. I went snowboarding last year and even though I fell – alot – it was still fun. This year was a different story. I got very frustrated with myself. I was having a difficult time with re-getting the hang of it. I fell a ton – falls that hurt, sprained my ankle couple times, twisted my knee, hit in the back with a tree, cracked my head . . .and that is just all of the big stuff. I made it down once, went to Starbucks and stayed there the rest of the day. I was so upset. I wasted our money and I wasn’t getting the hang of the sport that my husband enjoyed. After Rick was done snowboarding we meet up with some friends of Rick’s that live/work at Snowshoe. We went to a chocolate tasting and had Mikey work on Rick’s boots and bindings. Tracey and Mikey gave us free lift tickets and Mikey gave me a free rental on Ski’s, so we decided to come back on Sunday and I would try skiing to see if I liked that better. We didn’t get back to camp until 10pm. I was sore, my cold was getting worse and I was not looking forward to the next day.
Sunday we slept in, I made pancakes while Rick worked outside. Around noon we loaded up and headed back to the slopes. I clipped into the skies and away I went. It was so much easier than snowboarding. I understood how it all worked and I was able to control my movements better. I fell only a handful of times (I never go the hang of standing back up) and I was really liking it! My body was sore and my muscles were screaming at me to stop, but I stayed out there for about 1 ½ hours – 10 times down the bunny slope! :0 ) I can’t wait to go again – next time my muscles will be fresh and I will attempt going on a ‘big kid’ slopes. :0)
We spent the rest of the evening at camp. I took a much needed nap while Rick worked outside. We made a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. The perfect ending to a great weekend . . . . . or so we thought. I had to go inside to blow my nose and I looked over at Spunkette’s cage and the door was hanging wide open and no Spunkette in the cage!!! I ran outside yelling for Rick to come it. We started hunting for her – but after we unset the mouse trap and looked around the burning hot furnace. We finally found her behind the couch and we trapped her and Rick scooped her up in to his safe arms. :0) I was feeling so upset that I had left the door open and it was my entire fault. But later on we were just sitting around and watching her go crazy with her chewing and saw her open the door with her body!! We both jumped up and ran for the door before she could get out again. Rick got a couple of zip ties and we had to close her door permanently. We have a very clever little girl on our hands! :0)
We packed up and cleaned camp and left early Monday morning. We were both sad that we had to leave so soon. It was such a relaxing time with just the two of us.

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  1. You are sooo funny Jules! :) I am sure your food was delicious, and much better than my first cookings for Aaron; that poor man, lol. And I KNEW how to cook, it was just my improvising with ingredients on hand that went terribly wrong. :) Wow, that is a smart little girl you have! Zip ties are the new duct tape! They can fix anything! I am glad you had fun skiing after a rough start on the snowboard. I STILL want to try it though... :) SURFIN' USA!!!