Thursday, March 19, 2009


I haven’t blogged in awhile. It mainly has to do with, when I am at my parents – they have no internet. And then this week, I have no internet in my room because my computer has decided to reject it. So, I am sitting at Panera Bread.
Last week was a very long week. By Tuesday I was missing Rick so badly!!! I thought that I could do it – be away form him for just 5 days. I mean, we dating long-distance for 2 years!! It wasn’t supposed to be that hard. Wrong!!! I don’t ever want to do that again! (at least in the near future :0) )
My Dr. visit didn’t go as well as I had hoped. He needs to do a CT Scan but insurance has to pre-certify it and that can take up to two weeks!! And the Doc wouldn’t say anything that he thought until he sees the scan. So, I left there with no answers or hope for surgery. I was very bummed.
The rest of the week, I worked a little bit at the daycare. Because I have been ‘trained’ in every class room, I get to move around a lot and see all of ‘my’ kids. I love all of them SO much!!
Staying with my parents and siblings wasn’t that great. I hate there house and how cluttered and dirty it is. I am still not used to my mom working full-time. I want her to stay at home and take care of the house and cook real dinners. Just like it used to be. I feel like my brother is missing out on what our family used to be like and then way it should be. But at the same time, I know my mom enjoys her job and they need to extra money. So I guess I need to just grow up and get over it. :0)
Rebecca cut my hair last week. I was her first girl haircut! She took off at least 4 inches on the front and about 2-3 inches on the back. (I will post a pic soon) She did a really good job. But it wasn’t supposed to be this short. She still needs to work on her length judging! :0) I think that I am going to have her even up the back with the front next time I see her. It is going to be pretty handy having her around! Free haircuts from now on!!
Last week, I got all of my supplies that I needed for my new pet. And on Monday of this week, I went on a hamster hunt. I wanted to find the perfect hamster. So, I drove 60 miles around Richmond to 5 different stores! But I found her. She is a young hamster but not a baby. That means it will be easier to train her to like us and play with us. She is white and gray and her name is Spunkette Rover the third. Right now she is extremely skittish around us. But I am hoping it is just because she is in a new environment with new people. Rick seems to like her. He talk to her and is trying to let her get used to his scent. And the other morning as he was leaving for work, he walked over to her and told her bye. How sweet! :0) I am just slightly disappointed though. All she does during the daytime (the hours that Rick is at work) is sleep. And as soon as Rick gets home, she is awake and playing around. The whole point of me getting a hamster was because I was lonely during the day and needed a friend. Some friend! :0) I know that hamster are nocturnal, but all the other hamsters we had didn’t stick to that role as much as Spunkette.

Her new house

Checking out her jeep

Sleeping . . .always sleeping


  1. I love that her jeep even has a sun roof :-)

  2. please tell me you didn't invite your family to read this after complaining how cluttered their house is!! :)

    I can't believe you found a jeep for Spunkette. Is Spunkette a family name?
    Surely she'll be more awake around you as she gets used to having a family.

  3. No, No family. Not even sisters. :0)
    Nope, Spunkette is just a name I made up. And she lives up to it quite well . . keep a look out for another blog coming soon. :0)