Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dear God,
You are in control of everything. Thank You so much for that! You are all knowing and because of that sometimes I feel stupid asking You for things becuase You know if it won't work out.
But please dear God, if this house on 3rd Ave is meant for us, please let doors keep opening.
You have already answered my prayer of changing Rick's heart and mind about the house, and I thank You and praise You!! Please give him a peace and assurance that if this is Your will, everything will work out for Your glory.
Please help us as we full out all the financial papers, as we go for a second look with our fathers and as we consider putting a bid in.
Dear God, we want to serve only You and do only Your will, and if this house will help us serve You more, than please continue to show us that this is for you glory and not for our selfish impatient human bodies.
I thank You Lord for listening to the cries of my heart and for loving me uncondintianly. I am so unworthy to serve a God like You but I am also so thankful that I can know You on such a personal level! You are so awesome and powerful and I praise You!!


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