Monday, November 23, 2009

October Pictures

Rick's handywork

A co-worker's wedding

The hammy enjoying a treat

Charlie dog and Spunkette

Our Spunkette

Rick playing with Cooper and the puppy

Finally! My very own camelback backpack! Thanks hubby!

Cindy and I blowing out the candles our shared birthday cake

My new ride - that is for sale if you know of anybody interested. :0)

Chet and Jenna (Chet goes to our church and I clean his house, Jenna is so sweet and very smikley once you get to know her)

Jade and Jenna getting to know each other. (Jade is the daughter of Rick's ex-girlfriend - Rebecca and I love that little girl to death!)

Charlie dog ready to trick and treat

Our Tigger

'Wanna have a taste?'

Me and Tigger

Tigger rolling around the floor

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