Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Operation Christmas Child Planning

Some how, some way, I was put in charge of our church doing Operation Christmas Child. And my Back to school drive supplies that I collected for Haiti were volunteered for the shoe boxes.

All by my wonderful mother-in-law (she is most of the time - just not when she puts me in charge of things) I am trying to avoid KWCC as much as I possible can and still keep my marriage in tact and being in charge of a project makes that VERY hard!

Ok, back to the project - our kick - off party is this Sunday night and I am in charge of coming up with what needs to go on. Do you know that all the information I am finding is about having PACKING parties - not a kick-off? So that means I am planning this thing form scratch - and I DON"T DO THAT! I have ideas, and I know what needs to go on but am not sure I have enough material to keep people busy for one and half hours!

The more I am getting into this, the more excited I am about helping kids in other countries. I was never against the mission - just the way that we came about me being put in charge. I have decide that my daycare kids will be filling 2 boxes - one boy, one girl 5-9 years old. I really hope that they get into it and find it exciting that they will be helping other kids just like them!

I hope that I can pull this off and that we can touch the lives of some little kids (hopefully in Haiti!)

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  1. I'm so excited about the boxes going to Haiti this year! You will do great with your kick-off party. We are going to start promoting it on sunday too!
    Good job- I'm proud of you! Being in charge is a good thing because then you don't have to answer to anyone except yourself (and God of course)
    Love you