Sunday, October 10, 2010


I finally have internet in my house! And I have a new (to me new) computer but yet I still have not found time to blog. I have 'written' so many blogs in my head but by the time I get home I forgot what I was thinking about or I start working on another project etc. I am hoping to change that - not promising much to begin with but am ready to get back in to writing down my thoughts, feelings, and everyday life happenings.

Where to begin?
Work: is the same ole drama. Co-worker wise. And me being the boss's daughter and personal helper in the office that means I am stuck in the middle of alot of it. :0/ I love the kids. I am still having a hard time adjusting to my new class of kids - mainly cause they are such bad behaved kids! But as my mother/boss has to keep reminding me - they are still new to my class room and rules where as my other kids have been with me and my rules for over a year and are used to me. I just thought that after 2 months I would be used to them and them to me - but not so much.

School: I buckled down and FINALLY (one year later) took my ACTS final. I passed the class. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Such a relief! Since I have passed that class, I have a few options to choose from. I can now graduated from JBC with a 2 yr degree and walk away from there and never have to deal with those cranky old ladies again or . . . . go through more pain, money, fights, and tears and finish the last 4 classes to graduate with the degree that I will never use. The 2 yr is looking pretty good to me right now. :0)
Still thinking and dragging my feet about going 'back' to school at Marshall in the spring to get my Pre-K teaching degree. Yes, that is a profession that I would LOVE to go into but I am not sure if 4 more years of school will be worth it. By the time I would finally and completely finish school - according to my time line (God of course always has completely control and His own timing) I want to be a stay at home mommy with 1 maybe even 2 babies! So is all that work and money really worth it?

House: a work in progress. Yes, I am still unpacking. It is hard to unpack when I have nothing to unpack into. And I have nothing to unpack into cause we are trying to save money to buy the things we need for the house. We have been trying to sell my Trooper all summer long but have not been successful. Once we sell it we can buy our bedroom suite and have dressers and drawers to put our clothes into instead of just laying around in boxes, bags and laundry baskets. My kitchen is unpacked. Which is super nice. Rick has been doing a few small projects for me in there and it is slowly but very nicely coming together. I am struggling to keep the house clean. And all I have to complain about is a husband and a dog! :0)

Animals: We finally have part custody of Charlie dog. lol He is supposed to be living with us full time but for one reason or another we have shared him about half and half with my in-laws. I am not complaining! Just find it slightly amusing. :0) I am struggling with having a dog in the house. Even though he is a Grey hound, he still sheds, still smells, still sneaks onto my couch and gets into my trash.Grrrrr
Rabbits - our 'baby' bunnies are no longer babies and are full grown giants! Literally! Smoky quickly outgrew her problems and looks very healthy and Bandits is such a handsome fellow who's only problem has been ear mites. I can't wait for the spring when Smokey and Bandit will make some pretty babies for us! And Jacob's loppy giant is still hanging with us. Spunkette is doing well - fat and happy. Samson is getting big. He didn't take to nice to the new little turtle so the newbie turtle hangs in a tank by himself.

Church: well, church deserves a whole blog about itself.

Family: In the month of August and September we made it to every grandparents house and spent time with them (except Grandma Mehok, but that is a WHOLE another story), Every one is doing well - getting old. Grandma Ronk just had breast cancer surgery over the weekend. She seems to be doing well and we are praying that the doctors were able to get all of the cancer of her body.

OK, I will end for now. Rick will be coming home from church soon and I am not sure what our plans are for the rest of the evening. Maybe and hopefully soon I will blog more! :)

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