Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grandma Rodgers Update

Written by my mother-in-law:
Yesterday -
My mother passed her barium test today and can now start having pureed food. She has already had some applesauce and banana--this is the first step to getting her off the feeding tube. Also yesterday she sat on the side of the bed for quite a while (my dad's term) unassisted, and today she stood up for a few minutes with assistance.

She is in isolation, but she had the first test done today to see if she still has c-diff. She has to have 2 negatives before she can be out of isolation.

Today -
Mom's second c-diff test came back negitive so she no longer has to be in isolation. They took her to the shower and are scrubbing down her room. Great-Grandma will finally be able to go and visit her agian!

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