Monday, April 16, 2012

I have a plan!

I have been thinking about my schooling for quite awhile. And when I think about it, I discuss the few options that I have with Rick. Then it usually stops there. I am a full time working wife and mother and I just don't have much time on my hands to be pursing other things.
I have finally decided to get my butt in gear and knock this stupid degree out.
Rick is helping me contact JU (Johnson University) and figure out what my next step is. We got some good answers today and now I just have to fill out more forms of appeal and so forth. I REALLY want to have things going to start a class by next Monday but we will just have to see.
My ultimate plan is to be finished with my 4 (maybe 5?) classes by April 1 of 2013 so that I can receive my diploma in May.
Will is be easy? No way hosea! But it won't get any easier either. I have lots of family and babysitters available to help me with Haiti (on nights when Rick works so late) and I have already discussed with my boss aka my mom :0) about cutting back on my work hours so that I can have some study time.
Please be praying for me that things will fall into place and the I can have the will and determination to finish this!

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