Monday, September 6, 2010

Boomsday Weekend

This weekend was great and went by WAY to quickly!! A few quick highlights:
~Jess and Jonathon's wedding was simple, nice and very them. That will only make sense if you know them. :0)
~Church was SUPER at FCC. I really miss normal worship service where I can truly worship God and not think about church politics.
~All the junk but super yummy food I ate this weekend made me sick to my stomach. :0(
~Saw Mary's new place and Sarah and Joe's new place. Excited for both of them.
~Boomsday was CRAZY packed - est 400,000 people! The fireworks were AMAZING!!! The best fireworks show in the WORLD!!!
Now we are leaving and I am sad. I miss beautiful TN and all my friends.

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